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Paul’s New Website


Personal interests and Company Associations of Paul Poyser

Company Associations

I have in the past done Full-time, Temporary and Self-employment. But now I just do volunatary work. Although even that is currently in flux,

Self-employment: i was doing Catalogue distribution for vivaMK, a successor company to Kleeneze and Betterware. 

Voluntary Work: I applied to both CommunityLincs and AgeUK Lindsey about befriending work. But started off with group meetings for CommunityLincs and a Lunch Club for AgeUK, and started off befriending after the 2 groups linked their activities together.

Personal Interests: I like using Spreadsheets, (I used them a lot back in the times when I had a full-time job) and use them to keep track of my gambling, investment and business activities. Although I don’t have the full scope of office features, and editing capabilities, on my tablet.

Voluntary Work

One of my at-home selfies
One of my at-home selfies

The 3 strands

I was going to create 3 blocks below but I have now decided to create separate pages for my self-employment, voluntary work and personal interests. This page, although it may be updated in the future is now complete.

Voluntary Work: A few years ago I saw an advert in the Councils Messenger magazine for “Tea with TED”. This is an initiative created by CommunityLincs and funded by the Lottery. TED stands for Talk, Eat, Drink. People(Residents) over 50 can come to weekly meetings, to meet others on a regular basis and usually have other activities taking place. Occasionally guest speakers are bought to these meetings.

I had to get my Police Check completed before joining as a volunteer. This took quite a while and in the meantime I lost my Father. This led me to go to Derby a lot to help my Mum sort out her finances and because she started suffering from loneliness. I’ve had similar experiences but was ultimately able to get through by having other activities in my life. Mum was unwilling/unable to start up new activities on her own. Again, similar to me, I do have difficulty starting new things on my own, especially in group situations.

So about a year after my original application, I reactivated my interest. I really wanted to get into befriending though; this is where you see the same person for about an hour each week. Not long after I saw an AgeUK Lindsey poster in a lift, for befriending which I also applied for.

CommunityLincs didn’t get many suitable referrals, most of them had care needs, which wasn’t deemed suitable for volunteers. AgeUK sent the person looking after the Lunch Clubs in the area. I thought I might be interested in the front of house activities, mainly admin duties. But at the time, none of the clubs were easy to get to for people without transport.

However, I joined in the Skegness Club not long after it started last year. Both the Tea with TED group and Lunch clubs took place on a Tuesday, Every week for the Tea with TED meetings and approximately every other week for the Lunch Club. I did go to all the Lunch Clubs until recently - I had to miss 2 or 3 after the loss of my Mum, but I started missing a lot of the TED meetings. Although I don’t always know what day of the week it is, it was easier to remember the Lunch Clubs because it was a case of getting up, maybe getting breakfast and then going to the Church Hall for a 10 o’clock start, although this could be changed to 9 o’clock, if I am required to help out in the kitchen. The TED meetings are in the afternoon and I sometimes forget until they are half way through.

Although I reminded them a couple of times, my application to become a befriender through AgeUK hadn’t  been processed until their service merged with that of CommunityLincs. After a couple of false starts I stated to see someone initially on Saturday, but subsequently on Fridays because I am supposed to go during office hours. This has now been changed to Thursdays because another group meeting (10 til 12) was started at Barratt Court, which is close to where he lives.

I stopped seeing the person mentioned above because he wasn’t at his flat a couple of times I was due to meet him. He was having to go to a lot of medical appointments. But I was introduced to 2 new people just before the lockdowns. I only saw one of them for the introductory visits. I will talk about the other at a later date when I have a bit more time.

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